Specialized Thermal Solutions for Various Industries

Unparalleled Custom Heat Pipe Heat Sink Solutions Across Industries

At Capri, we take pride in being the leading provider of custom heat pipe heat sink solutions, catering to a wide range of industries with unique thermal management needs.

Our high-quality heat pipe heat sinks are designed and manufactured to exceed expectations, ensuring optimal cooling performance for your critical applications.

Industries We Serve


From microprocessors to complex circuit boards, electronics require efficient cooling solutions to prevent overheating and ensure stable operation. Capri's cutting-edge heat pipe heat sinks, are engineered to meet the unique thermal challenges of the electronics industry, enhancing the longevity and performance of electronic components.


In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, reliable equipment performance is essential. Capri's thermal management solutions play a crucial role in maintaining optimal operating temperatures for networking equipment, ensuring seamless communication, and reducing downtime.

Military & Defence

The military and defence sectors demand rugged and reliable solutions for harsh environments. Capri's thermal products are designed to withstand extreme conditions, providing efficient cooling for critical electronic systems in military applications.

LED Thermal Systems

High-power LEDs require efficient thermal management to maintain brightness and longevity. Capri's LED thermal solutions effectively dissipate heat, ensuring consistent illumination and enhanced LED performance for various applications.

Aerospace & Avionics

Precision and reliability are non-negotiable in aerospace and avionics. Capri's thermal solutions ensure that avionics systems operate within the ideal temperature range, contributing to the safety and performance of aircraft in both commercial and military applications.


Modern vehicles including electric vehicles (EVs) rely heavily on electronic systems for enhanced performance and safety. Capri's thermal solutions help regulate the temperature of automotive electronics and battery systems, contributing to improved vehicle functionality and safety.

General Industries

From industrial machinery to consumer electronics, diverse applications require tailored thermal management solutions. Capri's heat pipe heat sinks effectively dissipate heat, enhancing equipment performance and extending product lifespans across various industries.

Renewable Energy Systems

In the renewable energy sector, efficient thermal management is crucial for optimizing energy conversion. Capri's thermal solutions play a vital role in ensuring consistent and reliable performance of solar and wind energy systems.

Ready to optimize your thermal management system with our industry-specific custom heat pipe heat sink solutions?