Effective Thermal Solutions for Reliable LED Performance

The emerging lighting scenario is leading to extensive use of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) in both commercial and residential applications. Wide ranging LED solutions for street lights, recessed lights, high-bay lights, high masts, etc., are being offered.

In recent years, advances in technology have led to a new generations of LEDs offering longer life, increased brightness, and lower power consumption. Because of their relatively low cost and improved efficiency, LEDs are replacing many forms of conventional lighting.

An Emerging Need for Thermal Management

It is a known fact that high intensity LEDs generate large amount of heat. Any rise in the temperature of the LED case beyond specified limits, can lead to fall in illumination levels and directly affect the life of LEDs. The higher the temperatures at which the LED operates, the less efficient it becomes, making improved thermal management essential for optimal performance of the system.

That’s where CAPRI’s thermal solutions for LED applications can help. Using a heat pipe that acts like a heat spreader, the heat generated by LEDs is instantaneously picked up and taken away to a cooler area where it is rejected to environment.

An efficiently designed heat pipe system can maintain LED case temperature within 25°C to 35°C with reference to ambient, thereby leading to more efficient thermal management compared to solid metal heat sinks and increasing the life and reliability of LEDs.

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